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Remote Guizhou -  Villages & Textiles

Wonder at the incredible artistry and detail of the textiles of the different Miao, Dong and other hill tribe villages in Guizhou, China’s least travelled province, which has long been known for its scenic beauty of crisscrossing streams and alternating peaks and gorges. From batik to embroidery to jewellery, from festivals to daily life, this trip is an ethnologist, textile collector or designer’s dream. Sit down with the villagers, learn their sewing and batik techniques, play with the children, enjoy the ceremonies, and try out their delicious food. Your journey will take you to travel to a series of Miao and Dong villagers, many rarely visited by westerners, among many Zhaoxing, an old Dong village deeply hidden in the dense mountains. The ancient wooden architectures such as the Wind-rain Bridge (fengyu qiao), century-old practices, the hospitable locals and the fertile terraced fields offer a welcome contrast to joyless, cemented modern cities. 


Day 1 & 2 Los Angeles/Guangzhou

Day 3 Guangzhou - Guiyang (L, D)
Arrive Guiyang.

Day 4 Guiyang - Huangguoshu Waterfall (B, L, D)
Visit Huangguoshu Scenic park, and Tianxing park, also walk inside Yunfengtun village which is an old Han Chinese village.

Day 5 Huangguoshu - Xingyi (B, L, D)
Drive to Wanfenglin. Wanfenglin or "10,000 Peak Forest" is a part of the Maling River Canyon scenic area. The area is noted for its karst outcrops and famous for its deep rift, waterfalls and curtains of calcium deposits. These cone peaks have similar well shaped size, stand close to each other, and cover hundreds of kilometers along the border of Yunnan.

Day 6 Xingyi - Zhenfeng (B, L, D)
A full day exploration of Malinghe Canyon, situated in Xingyi county. The Malinghe River is a tributary of the anpanjiang River and runs through the gorges. There are many cascades falling down through both side of the gorge, with an average height of some 600 feet. The most impressive "Heavenly Stars Gallery" hosts more than ten waterfalls within a length of one mile. From the road you will see the Shuangru peak clearly from a distance.

Day 7 Zhenfeng - Guiyang (B, L, D)
Drive to Little Tun village, where the dwellers still makes paper in traditional method. In the afternoon visit Hongfu temple.

Day 8 Guiyang - Kaili (B, L, D)
Drive to Kaili, via Qingyan old town, continue to the Matang Miao village.

Day 9 Kaili (B, L, D)
Start your exploration of authentic villages of Miao near Kaili. Luckily you will have oppotunity to observe their annual Zhusheng festival, which is as important as Thanksgiving to American, but full of music, the locals will dress up and wear their best jewellery.

Day 10 Kaili - Danzhai - Rongjiang (B, L, D)
Visit the most original Miao villages on the way to Rongjiang.

Day 11 Rongjiang - Congjiang (B, L, D)
Visit Basha, a small Miao village with very little signs of modern influence. Both the men and women can be seen in traditional costumes, wearing their hair long. Later drive to a Dong village. The Dong can be recognized by their turbans for men and pleated skirts for women.

Day 12 Congjing - Zhaoxing (B, L, D)
Explore Zhaoxing Dong village, one of the largest Dong villages in the region, where you will feel its pure ethnic culture. The village is clustered with wooden structures; culminating at the drum towers, the flower bridges and its theatre stages.

Day 13 Zhaoxing - Sanjiang - Longsheng (B, L, D)
Drive to Longsheng via Sanjiang. Visit the largest wooden bridge Fengyuqiao in Sanjiang. Continue to Longsheng.

Day 14 Longsheng - Guilin (B, L, D)
Morning visit Longji rice terrace and visit a village of Zhuang minority. Drive to Guilin. Visit the Elephant Trunk Mountain and Reed Flute Cave.

Day 15 Guilin - Yangshuo (B, L, D)
Take a boat ride on the Li River to Yangshuo. In the afternoon walk in Yangshuo.

Day 16 Yangshuo - Guilin - Guangzhou - Los Angeles (B)
Drive to Guilin to catch a flight to Guangzhou. Connect flight to Los Angeles.

Trip date:
April 18 - May 3, 2016
October 18 - November 2, 2016

Tour Price
including flights $ 4,390 per person
excluding flights $ 3,190 per person

Flights, tour coordinator/guide,
accommodation on full meal basis
Monument admission fee
Ground transportation, internal flights

Insurance, visa, additional programs, gratuities

Los Angeles/Guangzhou/Los Angeles

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