The vast undiscovered country of the Mongolian nomads, the land of Khans, where a mystical tradition and unspoiled nature gives us an unforgettable experience. The trip begins and ends in the capital Ulaan Baatar, passes the magical Gobi Desert and the dinosaur fields of Bayanzag and to the mighty fabled land of Genghis Khan. Endless wide steppes, a silence that can be heard formally a fascinating play of light and reflections in beautiful large landscapes, unique culture, religion and nomadic tradition and an unexpectedly diverse flora and fauna - all in all a very safe unique travel experience in the land of "eternal blue sky”.


Day 1 Los Angeles - Beijing

Day 2 Beijing - Ulan Baatar - Visit the large Ganden monastery and the natural History Museum.

Day 3 Ulan Baatar - Elsen Tasarkhai - Visit the sand dunes. This is a combination of mountains, forest and Gobi Desert style landscapes.

Day 4 Elsen Tasarkhai - Tsetserleg - Visit the Nature Museum.

Day 5 & 6 Tsetserleg - Khorgo - Visit Khorgo National Park. It is amazingly beautiful place with extinct volcanoes and fantastic lava caves. Tsagaan Nuur Lake - a fresh water lake that takes its source from the Khangai Mountain ranges. Visit a herdsman's family, which breeds Yaks. Possibility to ride horses. Take a walk around the lakeshore while enjoy bird watching.

Day 7 Khorgo - Kharkhorin - Drive to the ancient Capital of the Mongolian Empire via Tsetserleg.

Day 8 Kharkhorin - Visit the Erdene Zuu Monastery. Excursion to Orkhon River.

Day 9 Kharkhorin - Middle Gobi - On the way visit the Ongiin Khiid.

Day 10 Middle Gobi - South Gobi - On the way visit the Flaming Cliffs (dinosaur excavation site).

Day 11 South Gobi - Excursion to Yolyn Am (Vulture’s Gorge) and to sand dunes. Visit a camel breeding family. You may ride a camel.

Day 12 South Gobi - Excursion to sand dunes and visit another camel breeding family.

Day 13 South Gobi - Ulaan Baatar - Fly back to Ulaan Baatar.

Day 14 Ulaan Baatar - Beijing - Los Angeles

Trip date: August  6 - 19, 2016

Trip Price:
including flights $ 4,940 per person
excluding flights $ 3,340 per person

Flights, tour coordinator/guide,
accommodation on full meal basis
Monument admission fee, ground
transportation, internal flights

Insurance, visa, additional programs, gratuities

Los Angeles/Beijing/Ulaan Baatar

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