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North Korea

Knowledge of the People's Republic of Korea is limited in the West. North Korea, literally meaning "the Land of Morning Calm",  is very often forgotten of its past, still marked by Confucian culture till today. On the tour you will find people are proud of the history of the Koguryo Kingdom and their poetic landscapes. North Korea is not a typical holiday destination, but you have to see it. In the Korean War almost completely destroyed capital Pyongyang was rebuilt along socialist lines. The center of the city belongs to the people, with a theater, a well-maintained museum, a children's palace, a library and other public buildings, spacious parks, monuments and fountains. The apartment blocks are uniform, but tidy, the traffic flow sparse, lacking business streets. On this unique tour, you not only visit the royal tombs, a Buddhist temple, a swimming beach and the international friendship exhibition which is located in a magnificent scenic mountain (the mountain is pilgrimage destination for the Koreans), but also watch the artistic performance Arirang with the grand setting.

• Kaesong, the ancient Capital of Koguryo Kingdom
• Mysterious “Fragrant Mountain”
• Spectacular Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang


Day 1 Los Angeles - Beijing.

Day 2 Beijing -  Arrive Beijing. Afternoon tour the Forbidden City.

Day 3 Beijing - Pyongyang - Fly to Pyongyang, Capital of DPR Korea (North Korea).

Day 4 Pyongyang - Tour of the Capital of DPRK. Evening witness the spectacular “Arirang” performance.

Day 5 Pyongyang - Myohyang San - Visit International Friendship Exhibition, Pohyon Temple.

Day 6 Myohyang San - Pyongyang - Wonsan - Drive to Wonsan(a beach area), visit the Sokwang Sa temple, amidst a beautiful landscape.

Day 7 Wonsan - Pyongyang - Return to Pyongyang. Afternoon continuation of tour of the Capital City.

Day 8 Pyongyang - Kaesong - Drive to Kaesong. Kaesong was the capital city of the Koguryo Dynasty, it changed hands 3 times in the Korean War but survived largely intact and still kept with traditional buildings.

Day 9 Kaesong - Pyongyang - Drive to Panmunjom/DMZ, which is the border between North and South Korea. Later drive back to Pyongyang.

Day 10 Pyongyang - Beijing - Fly back to Beijing.

Day 11 Beijing - Los Angeles.

Trip date: August 20 - 30, 2016

Tour Price
including flights $ 4,050 per person
excluding flights $ 2,250 per person

Flights, tour coordinator/guide,
accommodation on full meal basis
Monument admission fee, ground
transportation, internal flights, visa for North Korea

Insurance, additional programs, gratuities

Los Angeles/Beijing/Pyongyang

First class hotels or best available